jane fonda on life’s third act

A friend tipped me off about this 11 minute TED talk.   http://www.ted.com/talks/jane_fonda_life_s_third_act

I call it ‘the second half of life’.  She calls it the third act – but she would, wouldn’t she, she’s an actor…  I may feel differently when I get past sixty though, as I say on my second half of life page, it’s not so much about the numbers as where you feel you are on your life path, and what direction you’re facing.

“I realised that, in order to know where I was going, I had to know where I’d been.  And so I went back and studied my first two acts.”  The process she talks about is similar to some of the work we do on my second half of life w/e’s.

Jane comes up with a beautiful image for the process of ageing – I hope some of you join me on the staircase this year…