Conscious ageing resources – in America anyway…

I was delighted to recently discover The Center for Conscious Eldering.  based in Colarado, whose work is in the same ball park as my ‘second half of life’ events, in particular by offering rites of passage retreats and an emphasis on ‘using’ the power of the natural world to support this time of transition, growth and power.  Its website has some great articles by its founder, Ron Pevny, including ‘What is Conscious Eldering?’

Even better, is that the Center for Conscious Eldering has joined together in mutual support with several other (American) organisations who are making a positive contribution to a new vision of aging and formed the Conscious Aging Alliance. These include:

Fierce with Age – an online digest of Boomer Wisdom

Gray is Green who focus on a response to unrecendented ecological challenges

The Legacy of Wisdom project, making wisdom the central theme of aging, which focuses of five key areas, and involves Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax

The Life Planning Network helping people navigate the second half of life.

The Elder Body of the Mankind Project, a worldwide body of men over fifty.

Memorial Brainworks whose philosophy and services focus on brain health and mind function as the single most determining factor in how we live.

Recognition Rites – a blend of ancient and contemporary knowledge based on Dr Tom Pinkson’s work.

Sage-ing International‘s mission is to help change our society’s current belief system from aging to sage-ing.

Second Journey focuses on publications, workshops and rich resources on their website.

Wow!  You can access all these via the link above.  I’ve been looking for what’s going on here in the UK…not much luck so far!

There’s a Conscious Ageing Trust/charity whose website has been under construction for a looooong time, so no idea if that’s going to happen.

Last October 29th, 2012, the Second Half Centre in London W10, opened its doors to the over 50’s community.  I’m sorry to say I’m a little puzzled by this initiative.  It’s come about via the Second Half of Your Life Foundation set up in May 2011 by the american Jill Shaw Ruddock who published a book of the same name in February 2011.  The Center is based in the NHS Hospital of St Charles and whilst I laud its aim of tackling lonliness and isolation, its programme bears a striking resemblance to yer usual (UK) adult education center with classes in coking, IT skills, the arts, exercise, and so on.  Mmmmm, a striking contrast (ironically) to what’s going on in America.

Do please get in touch if you find more… there must be someone else doing this stuff in the UK!