invite me

If the events I’m currently offering don’t suit you in terms of when and where, get in touch. Maybe we can work together to make something happen where you are?

Or perhaps you already have a group that you’d like to do an event together with, and stay a ‘closed group’? Jarrod Lovett’s testimonial on the death page is one example of when I’ve done this, in his case, to help him and his colleagues in a development charity deal with the sudden death of one of their young team. Perhaps your workplace is struggling with low energy and illness which an energy medicine workshop could help turnaround. Or maybe your women’s group wants to learn how to meditate together? Invite me over. I’d love to come and help.

I can also tailor make an event for you. Perhaps, for example, you’d like to have a two day course on ‘death and the only beauty that lasts, or the ‘second half of life’, followed by an energy medicine workshop.

All things are possible – at this stage anyway!

Just get in touch and we can bounce it around and take it from there…..

I look forward to hearing from you – and maybe meeting you too!