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Having a one-to-one kinesiology session is often called ‘having a balance’ because the understanding is that ill health and dis-ease is caused by imbalance – of all kinds: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Muscle testing, or – more accurately – energy testing, is the central tool used to find out what’s happening and how best to correct any imbalance. This is more easily experienced than described or explained, but is basically a relationship between our muscle responses and our life force energy through our meridians – the pathways of energy that is the core of chinese medicine.

This is a gentle and respectful process. Every step taken is checked out by muscle testing, so clients aren’t forced to address things they’re not ready for. There’s no set procedures for particular problems because everyone is unique – a truth and beauty that this approach affirms. I never know exactly what’s going to happen!

What happens in a balance?

A session is normally about an hour, sometimes longer. We’ll take stock first and have a short chat to find out what’s going on and what you’d like to use this session for. Sometimes we work with a specific intent, which can help to measure any change by the end of the session. We’ll begin with a few energy medicine exercises to assist the muscle/energy testing. Then I’ll do some pre-checks on you to collect information about what’s going on in your energy system(s) and what level we need to work at.

From there, we can use a variety of tools and techniques to ‘balance’ you and explore any presenting issues further. The ethos of Creative Kinesiology is that this is a co-creative endeavour, we work together all through the session and every step is checked out by energy testing, thus empowering the client.  This work can help with a huge range of complaints.

home + wisteria

I work from home – the wisteria isn’t in bloom all year round, though it can feel like that inside.

A session costs £35; concessions are available.

And I’m open to giving a balance when I’m ‘on the road’ running my courses – with notice, as I’ll need my kit with me. Contact me. Try it – especially if you have an issue conventional medicine can’t help you with.




“I consulted Jan for a kinesiology session at an extremely stressful time in my life. I felt vulnerable at the start of the session but quickly found myself at ease with her and appreciated her care and patience in supporting me to set my personal intention for the session. What I loved was the way that my body’s own responses led the work – and I’m grateful for Jan’s sensitivity in picking that up.

I was surprised at the emotional depth that I reached, excited at the various connections that arose, as well as feeling nurtured and tired on the drive home. Over the coming weeks and months, I made use of some of the clear and very practical resources that were highlighted for me during the session.

Nine months later, I’m still noticing the ripples of that one session – a rich and full experience for me. I would thoroughly recommend kinesiology to anyone wanting to explore how their body holds the answers to their own healing and I’m confident that Jan’s skill, sensitivity and care make her the best person I know to facilitate that experience. ”

Heather Melville, Registered Homeopath, Bangor


berni“I had five creative kinesiology sessions with Jan over a tricky and testing year.  I left one session in tears and that was the start of a massive healing process – which those sessions played a part in.  Her sessions help me to listen to my body, especially to the unexpected and the unheard, and feel more whole. Having a ‘breathing space‘, a few silent minutes at the beginning, helps me to quieten down, make the transition from my busy world, tune in and explore my intentions and needs for this time.

We work together – and there is something wonderfully ‘irresponsible’ about letting the body ‘speak’, and not having to THINK and formulate words around my experience!  I find Creative Kinesiology refreshing, weird, and often funny (ha ha).  I come away feeling more in tune with ‘out there’ as well as ‘in here’.  I feel more connected, more flexible, less precious, lighter.  I appreciate Jan’s clear (and often sparse) communication, the steady pace, her sense of humour, and the diversity of methods and treatments that she offers.  This is a Total Recommend.”

Berni Cavanagh, retired, Porthmadog


srivati-skelton“I arrived looking forward to my first kinesiology session with Jan as I was tired and feeling vague and slightly emotional. I think I was interested in what might present itself under the heading of approaching menopause. To my surprise, a serious difficulty with an old friend was the issue that came forward and I discovered through the treatment how much this had been affecting me physically as well as emotionally.

In the days following the session, I felt more balanced and also lighter, as if energy could now flow. And as a direct result of our work together I found clarity about what I needed to do next. All of this was enormously helpful. During the session I thought that Jan had an excellent manner: warm and empathic as well as clearly explaining what she was doing. I would definitely recommend her to others.”

Srivati Skelton, freelance teacher, London


spomenka“I always look forward to balancing sessions with Jan.  It’s a different experience every time and it always meets me exactly where I am at.  Jan works with humour and humility and brings her wealth of knowledge and experience into the sessions.”

Spomenka Chekerevatz, shiatsu practitioner, Croesor


sioned“I’ve been seeing Jan monthly for over a year now.  I’ve found kinesiology excellent for keeping me in good health – I’ve had no illnesses or infections during this time.

More significantly, I’ve found Jan’s approach extraordinarily useful in maintaining my emotional well-being and in building emotional robustness.  This was especially highlighted for me in the period following a major bereavement.  Her open and trustworthy manner, alongside her skill, meant I felt able to tell her everything!

Jan’s approach is to involve her clients in the process, sharing and teaching as she works, so I’ve felt empowered as I’ve learnt new skills in managing my own health.”

Sioned Wynn, Corwen

Arranging a session

Contact me to arrange a balance.