kickstart your energies – thump your K27’s!

In my energy medicine classes and workshops I teach a daily energy routine that takes five to ten minutes to do. I do this most days now and it’s changed my life! Doing the energy routine is like pressing a reset button, helping restore our body’s natural energy flows. I love sharing this work and it’s so easy to do.

what are the K27’s?

The routine starts with thumping your K27’s which can also be used as a stand alone exercise whenever you need it. The K27’s are the paired 27th acupressure points on the right and left side of the kidney meridian. And they’re the juncture points that affect all the other meridians. Meridians are energy pathways – this is from TCM, traditional Chinese medicine. And acupuncture or acupressure points are tiny energy centers arranged along the meridians.

where are the K27’s and what do I do?

Place your first two or three fingers on the knobbly bits of your collarbone (it’s about the place where you’d tie a know in a tie). Move your fingers down about an inch. Then move your fingers out horizontally to the side about an inch. For most people there’s a soft spot or indentation there. Bingo! That’s the place. Don’t worry about being super accurate on a tiny spot, we are not doing acupuncture here and using needles.

Breathe slowly and deeply as you firmly tap, or massage, your K27’s with two or three fingers. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. And tap for 30 seconds.

what does this do exactly?

This simple exercise energises you if you’re feeling tired or drowsy. It ‘flips’ your energies around if they’ve started flowing backwards. If that’s happening it can feel like you’re going one way, and your energies are going the other way. Most of us know what that feels like, and it can be a major part of what’s going on in chronic fatigue syndrome. Some days I thump my K27’s lots of times. I find it especially helpful on long car journeys – though I only take one hand off the steering wheel to do it, of course! People vary with being able to feel the effect of this, though 99 times out of 100 it will be having an effect whether you can obviously feel it or not. If you are very tired and feel no immediate effect, your body probably isn’t going to let you override exhaustion. So, for example, if you’re driving, pull over and have a rest! This is not about being an aid to living in a driven way (pun not intended). I’m a big fan of rest and relaxation, as well as energy!

Thumping your K27’s not only wakes you up, it can also help you focus when you’re having difficulty concentrating. Our energy circuitry can get disrupted by a lot of up and down eye movement and this exercise helps the energy circuitry hold strong. So it’s great for any situation where your eyes are rapidly shifting from one spot to another, reading, computer work and, oh, it’s Wimbledon tennis championships end of the month – look out for K27 thumpers in the stalls? It also helps with dyslexia and other learning disablitites.

finally, being a closet thumper

Personally I like to thump my K27’s. But as massaging them firmly is just as effective, it means it’s possible to employ this wonderful exercise without people having the slightest idea what you’re doing. Like when you’re flagging in a long, tedious meeting with important clients or your boss, for example. Be grateful the K27’s are near your collarbone and not your pubic bone.

Throw away those chocolate bars and cans of coca cola to pick you up. Join the thumping K27’s community.