farewell to dear suvanna, who blogged to (almost) the very end

I have a sizeable death library.  In it are several books by people who wrote about the death of others.  CS Lewis and Ken Wilber wrote about their wives, Joan Didion about her husband, Simone de Beauvoir about her mother.

What’s less common is for someone to write about their own process of dying. Observer readers of a certain age may remember Ruth Picardie’s articles which were turned into a posthumous book ‘Before I Say Goodbye’ in 1998. When she died aged 34 Ruth Picardie was mourned by thousands who had never even met her.

Now there’s blogging.  And a mistress of that art, a dearly loved member of the Buddhist community I belong to, Suvarnaprabha, has made a similar impact with her extraordinary blog of words and images.  I’m not going to try to summarise her blog or her dear ‘self’ (though the phrase ‘larger than life’ does come to mind).

You can read it for yourself here  www.crapivegotcancer.blogspot.co.uk

She died, age 50, in San Francisco on 24 September.  With love and solidarity Suvanna…