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a short film on ageing to watch and reflect on

This is a 13 minute long trailer for an intended film called Legacy of Wisdom.  I came across it via Roshi Joan Halifax’s Upaya website (in turn via links in a Lost Borders newsletter).  And it was Joan Halifax’s simple comment “Appreciate your life” that stayed with me.  Always good to be reminded of that!… Read more »

second half of life musings on my 58th birthday

18 months ago I posted a blog with links to a range of second half of life resources in america – many of them radical groups – and lamented the lack of resources and action here in the UK I felt a little lonely in this work  🙂  but valiantly carried on. 18 months later… Read more »

what’s death got to do with the UK General Election?

1,600 people die every day  in the UK.  That means that 3 million people will die in the UK over the course of the next Parliament (Parliaments are now a fixed five year term). There’s fantastic care in many places.  My mum, for example, died last year in the Alexandria Unit of Dumfries Royal Infirmary,… Read more »