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Ram Dass on the second half of life

I’d heard of Ram Dass, a contemporary spiritual teacher, mainly for his seminal book ‘Be Here Now’ published in 1971 (when it was still weird to meditate).  I hadn’t really taken much notice of him until ‘Still Here’ came along nearly thirty years later.  He’s worked with the dying and also – more unusually –… Read more »

jane fonda on life’s third act

A friend tipped me off about this 11 minute TED talk. I call it ‘the second half of life’.  She calls it the third act – but she would, wouldn’t she, she’s an actor…  I may feel differently when I get past sixty though, as I say on my second half of life page,… Read more »

nelson mandela and the elders

I learnt a lot more about Nelson Mandela after he died on 5 December 2013.   One of the most inspiring things I learnt about him was his role in bringing together The Elders – an independent group of world leaders who work together for peace and human rights. Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel came… Read more »

Conscious ageing resources – in America anyway…

I was delighted to recently discover The Center for Conscious Eldering.  based in Colarado, whose work is in the same ball park as my ‘second half of life’ events, in particular by offering rites of passage retreats and an emphasis on ‘using’ the power of the natural world to support this time of transition, growth… Read more »